Are any of the Forbes 400 billionaires on your radar?

I always find it interesting to see who ends up on lists like the Forbes 400 (even though this list is from 2018). An email recently made its way to my inbox that eight New Jersey billionaires made the Forbes list, and I thought “I wonder how many of these names are on the radar of local nonprofits?”

As a researcher, I love seeing this info; but at the same time, I cringe when I think about what it often means when fundraisers are blinded by the $$$. Just because an individual has the means to give, doesn’t mean they are the right prospect for your organization.

Instead of focusing on the dollar signs, think about the individual as a whole and what their priorities and philanthropic interests are. If it fits within your organization’s mission and you are lucky enough to have a connection to a billionaire, by all means go for it! But otherwise, take a step back from the dream and focus on the reality of prospects who are ready and willing to give to your incredible mission!

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