It’s event season – where’s your research?

Spring has historically been a heavy event season for the nonprofit world. There’s nothing like the (almost…) smell of green grass and (almost…) warmth of the sun to get your patrons in the mood to buy tickets and contribute to your gala.

That’s why this recent article from AFP about how prospect research can boost your fundraising events was so timely. Take a look at the five ways that Sarah Tedesco, executive vice president of DonorSearch, describes how research can and will provide incredible benefits for your event.

I always recommend researching attendees prior to an event – there’s no downside to knowing more about the people who will be walking through the doors on your big night. Yes, research takes time but the investment is worth it. If you need an extra set of hands to compile this valuable information for your organization, reach me at! I’m happy to chat about the ways we can work together to ensure your next big event is a huge success.

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