I love sharing FREE tools

If there’s anything that nonprofit organizations, it’s FREE resources. While reading through APRA (Association of Professional Researchers for Advancement) forums a few weeks ago, this amazing resource was shared:

The Wealth Open Data Dashboard –

This is an amazing resource for organizations with minimal research budgets! Check it out; but please keep in mind, it is meant for organizations with little to no budget for this type of work.


Getting ready for the giving season

As we head into the giving season (I know, SURPRISE, it’s right around the corner), take some time to strategically think about your goals, how you measure up and what you aim to do between now and December 31.

This recent article 6 Ways to Leverage Financial Data for a Successful Giving Season is a great reminder of the different ways you can review your current financial position using reports and analysis to guide where you want to go. And of course, making sure your “board is on board” is also incredibly important.

If you would like to tackle some of this analysis but are unsure of where to start, I would love to help! Reach me at

Free research tool

Yes, you heard right – there are free research tools and they can be amazing to supplement the wealth screening subscriptions you already have.

We’ve all been there. You get some great information from your screening tools but there are bits and pieces that are missing or hints into a mysterious past.

The Wayback Machine extension on Chrome can fill in those blanks. You can see past iterations of websites to either gather information or confirm your suspicions.

Take a look at how Donorly’s researchers suggest using the tool (and a quick step-by-step for installing the extension).

How will you use the Wayback Machine? I like to look at old annual reports and lists of board of directors to find previous directorships of the prospects I’m researching. It’s important to not only include current positions but also past to ensure you are showing the entire spectrum of a prospect’s interests and activities.