Is now the best time to launch your next campaign?

Obviously in development, we look for the prime time to raise the most money while considering the resources we have. It’s only natural to think about calendar-year-end as bringing the biggest bang for your buck, maybe appeals centered on your organization’s milestones and of course your organization’s schedule of big annual events. It’s often easy to look internally to determine how and when to fundraiser.

But now might be the time for you to think a bit more about your next campaign, because there are three important economic factors at play that may not have reached your organization yet. Check out this recent article from NonprofitPro Why Now is the Best Time in History to Launch a Capital Campaign or Major Fundraising Initiative.

Take a look at the bigger landscape. Is it time to get the ball rolling on your next campaign? If you need help getting your ducks – or prospects – in a row, reach out! I am happy to discuss the different ways to work through your prospect pipeline from research to moves management! Drop me an email at

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