The importance of feedback and reflection

Now that my first semester teaching at the University of Delaware is complete, I’ve had a few moments to reflect on the experience and what I have learned. I truly enjoy what I do and love finding ways to bring that relevant information and experience to education.

Most importantly, I’ve come to thrive on good, solid, constructive feedback: be it from my students (who I asked in the last few sessions of class), course evaluations, or bouncing ideas off of colleagues. As development professionals, we are constantly seeking to better ourselves, our organizations and our craft; and there is nothing more valuable than reflecting on feedback in terms of your own experiences.

With that being said, analyzing your own performance is just as critical as outside opinion. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about the outcomes of this class, as well as my work outside the classroom to see where I measure up to my own expectations and goals.

As a development professional, you can do the same thing. How did you measure up to your written and unwritten goals in raising funds for your organization? Is your portfolio, pipeline and moves management process helping you achieve your goals or are these things hindering you?

I encourage you to take a good, solid look at where you are and where you are going (in your organization, personally, and professionally). It’s a great way to start off the new fiscal year, next quarter and set yourself up for crunch time to year-end.

If you find you’re lacking in research – I can help!
If you find you could use help in analyzing your database – I can help!
If you find yourself needing guidance to develop new procedures – again, I can help!

I can’t wait to work together and help you achieve your best! Email me at!

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