How do you adapt to a world of fewer donors?

With a trend of fewer donors (even though they are giving more), how do your organizational, fundraising and communications strategies change and adapt?

Check out this article in Nonprofit Quarterly about this donor trend: In a World of Fewer Donors, What Should Your Organization Do?

“Every organization needs to be selfish to some extent and look to its future and take the steps necessary to have the resources that will be needed year by year. Yet the impact of a changing donor base on the overall nonprofit sector and society overall can be ignored only at great risk.”

How are you growing to suit the needs of your budget and programs while supporting the outcome-driven motives of your donors? I’d love to hear about your tactics and successes! There are so many ways that research and database analysis can help you in the never-ending goal of raising money for your worthy cause. Let’s work together!

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