The True Story of 2018 Giving

The Association of Fundraising Professionals shared some highlights from the Fundraising Effectiveness Project’s 2018 Fourth Quarter Report.

According to the report, giving did increase in the last quarter but almost purely by larger donors ($1,000+). Everything else seemed to decrease: gifts less than $1,000,  retention rates, and number of donors.

It always takes some time to slice and dice the numbers after the year-end rush – does this sound similar to how your organization ended its 2018 calendar year?

This may not be the rosiest picture, but understanding where we came from can help determine strategy for where we are going. Take some time to see how your organization stacks up with the trends. Did you come out ahead; where the rest of the sector saw a decrease? If so, congratulations! You know your donors well and know how to keep them happy.

If there are some areas you fell below the trends or would like to improve, regardless of how the sector is performing, think about how data-mining and developing a prospecting strategy might help you achieve your 2019 goals! I’m always here to chat about it – reach me at

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