As those year end solicitations continue…

Again, I’m taking a break from bombarding busy fundraisers with ideas for strategy and planning to reshare a piece shared by the Association of Fundraising Professionals earlier this year on Grey Matter Research’s and research panel Opinions4Good’s (Op4G) The Donor Mindset Study VII:  Cutting through the Noise. (Don’t worry, I’ll be back with new content in the new year when there is more breathing room.)

It’s a good reminder that “the average American charitable donor reports receiving about eight mailings and ten emails from nonprofit organizations in a typical week.  A majority of these communications come from organizations they don’t financially support.” Of course, this time of year is the exception and we are all receiving well over eighteen communications per week.

However, even with that volume of communication, donors and prospects are paying attention. According to the study, “on average, about 78% of what they receive from charities they financially support gets at least a little attention, along with about 58% of prospecting communications.”

That sounds like good news to me, so keep powering through to January 1!

Happy holidays!


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